"Your Money Narrative"

by Amy R. Cook, MSPFP, MPAS®, CFP®

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Understanding Your Story to Build a Stronger Financial Future

Understanding Your Story to Build a Stronger Financial Future

Written by the founder of Maven Lane Financial Group, Amy R. Cook, Your Money Narrative explores the "why's" behind our money decisions.

Storytelling is a part of each one of us. We tell ourselves stories every day, based on our past encounters, and we mold them over time so they stay relevant with our growth. Our financial stories are no different than the plotlines in our personal lives, however; they can have a profound effect on how we manage our future.

By asking the why, you can unlock the power you have over your finances and tackle the hidden meanings you attach to money. 



Dive into a sample of this insightful book to explore how our personal finance beliefs are shaped by our upbringing, experiences, and emotions.

With Amy's expertise and a straightforward approach to financial planning, you'll gain valuable insights and solutions to common financial dilemmas.

Amazon Bestseller

Amazon Bestseller

We are proud to announce that Your Money Narrative has reached "Best Seller" status on Amazon in the following categories:

1) #1 in Financial Risk Management
2) #1 in Budgeting
3) #1 in Business Mentoring & Coaching

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Embarking on a financial journey requires not only commitment and determination but the right tools to help along the way. Have you ever found yourself in a position where you asked yourself "where do I start?"

Your Money Narrative provides a curated collection of supplemental worksheets and checklists tailored to assist you in making informed financial decisions and streamlining processes.

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