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Are you interested in learning more about how Maven Lane can assist you with your financial needs? We are pleased to offer you a complimentary 20-minute introductory phone call to discuss your financial goals and explore the ways in which we can provide valuable guidance.

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Schedule Time with Amy

Schedule Time with Amy

I started my career as a financial advisor in 2009 and have not looked back since. I am the proud founder and owner of Maven Lane Financial Group.

My drive stems from my passion for helping clients dissect their goals and lay down a track that is free from unrealistic expectations, yet layered in attainable goals that help take them from their starting point to beyond retirement.

My interest in financial planning has not waned over the years, and I continued down a constant road to education, later earning my CFP® certification and a Master’s degree in Personal Financial Planning.

I have clients in all stages of life and industries and have many multi-generational families that I am fortunate to work with. I specialize in self-employed individuals, and individuals navigating executive compensation packages. 

Getting Started

During this introductory call, one of our advisors will learn more about your financial situation, discuss your goals, and help you understand how their experience can benefit you in pursuing financial success. This is a no-obligation call, designed to help you determine if working with us is the right fit for your needs.

If you would like to contact us prior to your introductory call, please click here to email her with any further questions. We look forward to helping you work toward your financial goals.

We understand that your time is valuable - when preparing for your introductory call, consider the following questions in order to help make the conversation more productive and focused on your needs:

  1. Have you worked with a Financial Advisor before? If you have previous experience working with a Financial Advisor, what did you like or dislike about the experience? This will allow your advisor to tailor their approach to your preferences.
  2. What are your primary financial goals? Where do you feel your progress is in accomplishing these goals? Identifying your main financial objectives will help your advisor understand your priorities and develop a customized financial plan. Share any progress you've made toward these goals or any areas where you may be struggling.
  3. Do you have any specific concerns or something you would like your advisor to know? This could include any recent life events, changes in your financial situation, or other factors that may impact your financial goals. Sharing these concerns will help your advisor address them during your call.
  4. Are there any statements that you would like your advisor to review before your call? If you have any financial statements or documents that you would like your advisor to review prior to your call, please provide them. This could include investment statements, tax returns, or insurance policies.
  5. What is the most valuable contribution that you feel a Financial Advisor may be able to provide to help you achieve your goals? Your expectations and ideas for how a financial advisor can assist you will help your advisor understand how they can best support your financial journey. This could include investment advice, retirement planning, tax strategies, or other services.

The Consultation Process

The Discovery Interview

The Discovery Interview

The first step is to get to know you, your current financial situation and priorities. After scheduling your introductory call, please be sure to complete the "The Discovery Interview" to help streamline this process and create a clear understanding of your financial picture and needs.

The Discovery Interview
Initial Conversation

Initial Conversation

The completed Discovery Interview will serve as a guiding point for your introductory call, providing insight on your needs and goals, and allows you to make the most of your time speaking with each other.

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Following Your Call

Following Your Call

At this stage, you and your advisor can evaluate whether working together on a long-term basis is the right fit for both parties.  Your advisor will send you a summary of the recommended action items to address your financial priorities and concerns; relevant resources and educational materials to help you better understand your financial picture and the strategies proposed.

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