My Guidelines & Commitments to You

Everything we discuss will remain confidential.

I will not share anything we discuss with anyone else, including friends and family members, unless you give me permission.

I will be open and honest with you.

You can expect me to be candid and professional.

I want to know your goals, values, and expectations.

The way for me to do this is to have direct and open conversation so that I can strive to meet your needs.

I recommend creating a written financial plan.

This provides a written, step by step plan to help you get from where you are today to working toward your financial goals.

I can develop and implement an investment policy consistent with your unique goals and your individual risk tolerance.

I want to help you pursue your financial and investment goals.

I will discuss with you the available choices.

I want to help you make informed decisions, so I will take the time to explain things to you when you want to learn more.

I can make recommendations based on your needs.

My recommendations are based on what I think is suitable. I strive to put myself in my client's shoes.

I suggest that we meet in person or review via phone conference at least annually.

As your life changes, so do your needs. I want to adjust your plan intermittedly to help you keep up with those changes.

I will work to build a longer term relationship with you.

My goal is to build longer term relationships with clients and help them through the different stages of their lives.

I welcome your suggestions, comments, praise, and feedback.

My commitment is to listen to you, so that I may do the best job I possibly can.

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