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Maximize Your Social Security

Maximize Your Social Security

When applying for Social Security, there are a lot of regulations that are difficult to follow or understand. We use an advanced software, Social Security Pro, to help you maximize and estimate what you should be receiving through your Social Security payments. Simply answer a few basic questions, or send us your current Social Security statements, and we will send you an analysis based on your individual circumstances and send you an in depth report and break down of your benefits.

This report will illustrate one or more Social Security retirement income planning strategies (start ages and filing method) that may help you reach your retirement income goals. Your Social Security benefits will be shown before taxes in future dollars, assuming annual cost of living adjustments from today. This report will be based solely on the information that you provide us. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. At what age should I file for benefits?
  2. At what age should my spouse file for benefits?
  3. When does it make sense to claim a spousal benefits? 
  4. How do I make sure my spouse gets the largest survivor benefit?
  5. How do we know which of the common filing methods might be right for us?
  6. If one of us lives a long life, how does that affect our decisions?

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