Sieg Johnson

Sieg Johnson

Trading Support Specialist

For me, trading stocks, bonds, and other assets is life! The financial markets have good times and bad, but the excitement keeps me going and I truly enjoy working with advisors, helping clients achieve their goals.

My first job out of college was with Fidelity Investments.  I wanted to have something for my resume before finding a real job.  It turned out I loved it, and it became my real job for the next 25 years.  Trading has been a part of that work through my various title changes, but now it is full-time.  After you do something for this long it becomes a part of your life. 

I am the Director of Portfolio Operations at Amy’s supporting firm, Financial Advocates. I manage the overall team and provide oversight to ensure that requests aren’t missed and that the team runs smoothly. This, in turn, helps them provide better service to Amy and her clients.

In my spare time, I enjoy days at the beach with my family and my dog, Hoss. Although to be completely honest, I feel “in my element” in solitude and find it important to set aside time to unwind by myself.