Retirement Calculators

All calculators pertaining to Retirement accounts, Retirement income, and saving for Retirement.

Saving for Retirement

Roth 401(k) vs. Traditional 401(k)

Estimate Your RMD

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Estate Calculators

Calculators to help you estimate your net worth, life expectancy, and potential estate tax. 

Life Expectancy Calculator

Net Worth Calculator

Estate Tax Calculator

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Tax Calculators

Useful calculators to estimate Capital Gains Tax, Federal Income Tax, and more.


Capital Gains Tax Estimator

Comparing Investments

Home Mortgage Deduction

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Insurance Calculators

Calculators to quickly assess your varying insurance needs, such as Disability or Long Term Care.


Life Insurance Needs

Disablilty Income

Long Term Care Needs

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Investment Calculators

Varying calculators relating to your investments, including dividend yields, college savings, and more.


Calculating Compound Interest

Find Your Risk Tolerance

Saving for College

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Lifestyle Calculators

Calculate how your different lifestyle choices can affect your finances, such as paying off credit or auto loan debt.


Should I Pay Off Debt or Invest?

Current Cash Flow Calculation

Buy vs. Lease: Auto Purchase

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